Becoming a Physician

Scholarship recipients share their experiences as UF medical students

Girard Cua

 Girard is the recipient of the Florida Medical Opportunity Scholarship. 

Hello, my name is Girard Cua. I am 24 years old and have been living in Gainesville for about five years. I am originally from Palm Beach Gardens, but moved here with my mother and sister in 2009. I studied English literature at the University of Florida as an undergraduate thanks to a UF Florida Opportunity Scholarship. I am very fond of reading and writing (a habit I started as a child), and began college wanting to become a writer. Since then, my interests have grown and changed. I still want to become a good writer; I just want to become a great doctor first. But who knows. This blog may be the thing that helps me do both at the same time!

As one of the first Florida Opportunity Scholars to enter the UF College of Medicine, I feel very fortunate and grateful to receive continued financial support from the Florida Medical Opportunity Scholarship program to help me achieve my goal of becoming a physician.

In my spare time I like to draw and play tennis. I took some classes in Dutch and German while in college, and try to practice speaking and reading every day. I first became interested in medicine during college, when I started taking some biology and chemistry classes for fun. I was receiving a lot of need-based financial aid at the time and wanted to make sure I fully appreciated it by making the most of my education and studying subjects in addition to English literature. After a lot of positive experiences volunteering and shadowing, and guidance from some very inspirational doctors, I decided that medicine was the career for me.

Fact about me: I have Scoliosis and had to wear a Boston brace almost every day from the time I was about 11 until I turned 18. I still have the brace and keep it in my closet, where I hope to use it to decorate my office one day, if I ever get one.