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  • Profile: Hello! My name is Lauren Simmons, and I was born and raised in sunny South Florida but took a detour to the northeast to study chemical-biological engineering at MIT. My interest in medicine started when I was a young child when I would spend numerous hours at the eye doctor trying to correct my amblyopia.... Learn more about Lauren


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Step 1 to the Wards

Posted: Jul 8th, 2013 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons The past month and a half has gone by incredibly fast, with most of my time spent studying for the USMLE Step 1 and preparing to start my third year of medical school. But before I dove face-first into my Step 1 study materials, the UFCOM class of 2015 finally received our white […]

Spring break in the DR: What a week it was!

Posted: Apr 4th, 2013 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons Spring break is one of the most cherished times of year because of the numerous travel opportunities and the much-needed hiatus from school. However, just as last summer was the final one of its kind, this spring break was my last as I inch closer to life as a working adult.  I was […]

The lifestyle of an MS2

Posted: Oct 8th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons The first month of second year has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined, the amount of material we learned in one month last year is now covered in two weeks or less. Despite the hectic schedule, I have enjoyed the change because we spend more time in the hospital, and […]

Family fun and new beginnings

Posted: Aug 27th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons Recently, my family and I went on a summer vacation out west to San Francisco, Calif. As soon as we got off the plane, we all noticed a drastic shift in climate. Instead of heat and humidity, we were welcomed by cool, dry air. Throughout the trip, my sister and I wore jackets […]

Summer, summer, summertime!

Posted: Jul 30th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons At the end of every school year, students are constantly saying, “It’s almost summertime!” because the extended break away from classes is the best time of year. However, for me I will no longer be able to utter those words with the same enthusiasm as I am currently in my last summer EVER. […]

My journey as an MS1

Posted: Jun 18th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons It is hard to believe that my first year of medical school is complete, and I am one step closer to earning my white coat and becoming a physician. Over the past 10 months I have dissected cadavers, volunteered at clinics, and of course memorized countless facts about the human body and how […]

First Year Med Prom: Buoy Ball 2012

Posted: May 30th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons One of the most common myths I hear about medical school is that as medical students, we are too busy studying to have any fun. This is far from true as a few weeks ago, my classmates and I danced the night away at our annual Med Prom in downtown Gainesville. The event […]

SNMA Conference

Posted: Apr 25th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons Sometimes you need a break from school or just a nice change of scenery but the demands of medical school make it hard to excuse yourself from class. My perfect opportunity came earlier this month, when I was able to attend the Student National Medical Association national conference in Atlanta with a few […]

Volunteering in the community

Posted: Mar 28th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons This past Saturday I was a volunteer at the first annual Gainesville Kids Field Day hosted by the University of Florida chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Over 150 elementary and middle school children from all over Alachua County were in attendance. During the event the kids participated in various activities including […]

The blur that was Neuroscience

Posted: Feb 20th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons Medical school is known for having a fast-pace curriculum, however, learning the anatomy, circuitry and complexity of the brain in five weeks is more than just a fast pace. Within two weeks we learned the anatomy of the brain, all the gyri, sulci, Brodmans areas, sections of the internal capsule, etc. Once again […]