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  • Profile: Hello, my name is Girard Cua. I am 22 years old and have been living in Gainesville for about two years. I am originally from Palm Beach Gardens, but moved here with my mother and sister in 2009. I studied English literature at the University of Florida as an undergraduate thanks to a UF Florida Opportunity Scholarship. I am very fond of reading and writing (a habit I started as a child), and began college wanting to become a writer. Since then, my interests have grown and changed. I still want to become a good writer; I just want to become a great doctor first. But who knows. This blog may be the thing that helps me do both at the same time!...Learn more about Girard


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The end

Posted: May 13th, 2015 •• Category: Uncategorized

These last few weeks of school have flown by. There is not much left to say now, with things drawing to a close. We are in our last week of Internship 101, which has been a good review of the important things we need to know for our first year as doctors. There is really […]

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The last weeks of school

Posted: Apr 28th, 2015 •• Category: Uncategorized

This past month has been fairly quiet, which is a good thing. Having finished all of my required rotations, I decided to spend some time exploring some electives I thought would be useful for my future career. I spent the first two weeks of April with the radiology team in Jacksonville, where I learned how […]

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Nearing the finish line

Posted: Mar 31st, 2015 •• Category: Uncategorized

In a little under two months, my four-year journey through medical school will be over. This last leg of the marathon was by no means smooth, however. You would think I would get used to how hectic and unexpected things can be, but life always has a way of surprising you. As it turns out, […]

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My month with the dermatology team

Posted: Feb 17th, 2015 •• Category: Uncategorized

I have spent the last four weeks staring at people’s skin — with their permission, of course. I have been working with the Dermatology team at UF, and it has been an eye-opening experience. The skin is such an interesting organ; everyone has it and there are so many different shades, quirks and curiosities you […]

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The End of 2014

Posted: Dec 30th, 2014 •• Category: Uncategorized

This 2014 holiday season has been the last that I’ll have as a student with free time, and I’ve had a chance to relax before the New Year and my last semester of medical school. It does feel strange writing that down and knowing that graduation is just around the corner. Time has gone by […]

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Interview season

Posted: Dec 1st, 2014 •• Category: Uncategorized

Over the past few weeks, I have done more traveling than I can ever remember doing in one period of time. I’ve been to places all over the Southeast, traveling to interesting states like Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi and Virginia. Sadly, this has not been for vacation, but for interview season. At this time of year, […]

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The ingredients of life: My month with the REI team

Posted: Oct 6th, 2014 •• Category: Uncategorized

Over the past month I’ve been working with the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility team here at UF, and it has been an eye-opening experience. REI is a specialty within Obstetrics and Gynecology, and I spent four full weeks working with the faculty in their clinics and in the main hospital. I hadn’t had much exposure […]

On being a student and a teacher

Posted: Aug 27th, 2014 •• Category: Uncategorized

A few weeks ago, I finished taking the second series of my board exams, called the Step 2 exams. I spent the better part of a month studying for them, and every day I learned something new and learned again some old things I had forgotten. While studying in the library one day, I ran […]

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An end and a beginning

Posted: Jul 15th, 2014 •• Category: Uncategorized

The transition from our third year to fourth year was very swift. One week I was finishing my Internal Medicine rotation — the last rotation of third year — and the very next Monday I was starting Geriatrics, the first rotation of fourth year. I didn’t feel any different, though I did feel somewhat smarter than I was […]

New year, new rotation

Posted: Jan 28th, 2014 •• Category: Uncategorized

Girard Cua It is a new year, and I have spent the first three weeks of it with the trauma surgery team at UF Health Shands Hospital here in Gainesville. I am currently on my surgery rotation, which has been quite a departure from my previous rotations so far. I am enjoying it very much, […]