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The end

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These last few weeks of school have flown by. There is not much left to say now, with things drawing to a close. We are in our last week of Internship 101, which has been a good review of the important things we need to know for our first year as doctors. There is really only one thing left to do at this point, and that is to graduate. Our graduation will take place this Saturday, and then the next chapter of our lives will begin. I am excited to soon be able to work at the hospital as a physician, taking care of patients as well as teaching students.

As I am nearing the end of my time as a medical student and this blog is at its end, I would like to take some time to thank everyone who has helped me and made all of this possible. First, I would like to thank the Office of Alumni Affairs at the University of Florida for coming up with the idea of a student blog, as well as editing and maintaining it. Contributing to the blog has been one of my proudest achievements throughout medical school, and I am happy to have something to look back on. I would also like to thank all of those who have donated to the University of Florida, and the generous benefactors of the Florida Medical Opportunity Scholarship; all of your support makes a big difference in creating, training and inspiring the physicians of tomorrow. I am especially grateful for all of the positive support I have received during my years as a UF medical student. I would also like to thank the faculty at the UF College of Medicine, as they are all shining examples of the kind of doctor that every medical student should strive to become: intelligent, compassionate, caring, proactive, curious and with limitless amounts of enthusiasm and respect for a career of lifelong learning, teaching and healing.

I would also like to take the time to thank Mrs. Karen Dooley and Ms. Styliana Resvanis, my editors for the student blog. They have always been very supportive and have been wonderful to work with.

Finally, I would like to thank the readers of this blog for following me all of this time; I hope it has been entertaining and informative, and as fun for you to read as it has been for me to write. It is just one of many stories from the Class of 2015, and I sincerely hope that this tradition continues in the future. Thank you.

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