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Remarkable times

Posted: Jul 18th, 2013 •• Category: Uncategorized

Girard Cua As I write this, I am currently in the middle of my third-year Family Medicine rotation, though when I introduce myself to patients I still accidentally refer to myself as a second-year student. It is so surprising how quickly the time has passed from year two to year three. In May, we all […]

Step 1 to the Wards

Posted: Jul 8th, 2013 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons The past month and a half has gone by incredibly fast, with most of my time spent studying for the USMLE Step 1 and preparing to start my third year of medical school. But before I dove face-first into my Step 1 study materials, the UFCOM class of 2015 finally received our white […]