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The double Ps

Posted: Dec 21st, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Lauren Simmons Every medical student comes to school with the understanding that one day they will have to perform a pelvic and prostate physical exam. As I entered the room to learn and perform my pelvic exam, I was very nervous because the exam was more invasive than anything we had done in the past. However, […]

We are all moveable feasts

Posted: Dec 17th, 2012 •• Category: Uncategorized

Girard Cua I was around 11 years old when I first heard of parasites. I learned about tapeworms in sixth grade, and they were nothing like the fat, comical ones the inhabited the sidewalks of the ground after a rainy day. I would see those earthworms wriggling about on the cement, as if trying to […]