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The double Ps

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Lauren Simmons

Every medical student comes to school with the understanding that one day they will have to perform a pelvic and prostate physical exam. As I entered the room to learn and perform my pelvic exam, I was very nervous because the exam was more invasive than anything we had done in the past. However, I had a phenomenal instructor and after she explained everything to us, I felt comfortable enough to volunteer to go second in the group. Overall, I did a great job. My only hiccup was using the word pee instead of urinate when describing the kegel exercise, which elicited a few laughs from my colleagues.

Because of my success with the pelvic exam I went into the male exam with positive vibes. My male instructor was also great at outlining and detailing how each part of the exam was supposed to be done. However, there is something about sticking your finger into the anal canal that is a bit unsettling. A few moments later I felt the prostate, retracted my hand, removed my gloves and washed my hands especially well. Even though both my partner and I received positive feedback about our performance, I am not so sure urology is the specialty for me.

Myself and other UF medical and undergraduate students at the SNMA Region 4 Medical Education Conference in Miami.

Earlier in December, I traveled to the University of Miami for the Student National Medical Association Region 4 conference with a few classmates and several undergrad students from UF. The lectures and discussion sessions covered a wide variety of topics. The three I enjoyed most were Love in Medicine, Business in Medicine and STEP 1 preparation. There was also plenty of time to network with medical students from other school all over the southeast and some evening social events that were a blast. November was a busy month, but my Thanksgiving trip home was great and when I returned to school I felt rejuvenated for the final stretch of exams before winter break.

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