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The lifestyle of an MS2

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Lauren Simmons

(From left to right) Second-year medical students Brittney Newby, Toni Jackson and Lauren Simmons enjoy the Gators’ win against the Kentucky Wildcats. Photo provided by Lauren Simmons

The first month of second year has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined, the amount of material we learned in one month last year is now covered in two weeks or less. Despite the hectic schedule, I have enjoyed the change because we spend more time in the hospital, and class material seems more applicable to diagnosing patient illnesses.

Visits to the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center have been valuable and rewarding. I’ve seen patients with aortic stenosis, COPD with emphysema, sepsis and more. The best part is working with the veterans because they are very talkative and have interesting physical findings, so by the end of each visit I’ve learned a lot of new information.

Learning the mechanisms behind inflammation in pathology was pretty insightful, considering the number of times I jammed my finger or sprained an ankle playing basketball or football over the years. Even though we have much more material to conquer in a shorter period of time, I still manage to SWIM (stay whole in medicine) by exercising, volunteering and of course, attending Florida Gator football games.  The past two games have been scorching hot, so I am eager for the change in weather, as we get deeper into fall. Can’t wait to see what October has in store!

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